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(Popularity: 70) Does Islam allow homosexuals to have sex with “same-sex” sex dolls and/or sex robots as a “sinful” substitute for actual gay sex? (Similar to a pedophile having sex with child sex dolls rather than actual children.)

A big no!Islam does not Solana Robotics Video Any type of sexual activity outside of marriage is permitted. Masturbation is not allowed in Islam, oral sex is not allowed, sex with dolls is not allowed, any type of sex (you name it) is not allowed in Islam except sex between a legally and legally married husband and wife . Note that anal sex (penetration) between a legally and legally married husband and wife is not permitted. That’s it.

(Popularity: 14) Why do children like to play with dolls?

Like my experience with raising my 2 year old girl, she disguises herself as a mom while playing with the dolls. She will say what I usually say to her and take care of the doll like I do my girls. I think it’s some kind of learning from this little girl trying to play an adult.

(Popularity: 32) My parents are here, where should my girlfriend hide?

Why would you do something you think should be hidden? Do what you can be proud of and when you share it with your parents their hearts should swell with pride Black Solana Robotics Video sex doll.

(Popularity: 20) Would you buy sex toys or condoms online? Why or why not?

The whole reason I built X:// was to create a non vulgar portal for people to buy 100% body safe sex toys in a discreet way, my clients are very happy and love it Items are posted in plain packaging and each item is individually wrapped for extra protection before being placed in the box.I don’t understand why people don’t want to buy from an online store as long as it looks reputable

(Hotness: 12) Where can I find instructions for Tibetan handmade dolls to make one myself? A friend gave me one and I’d love to replicate it.

o Simple tasks, many of which are fairly academic subjects, which is why most people choose to start with a kit rather than build from scratch. But if you feel up to the task… Mechanical Frame: Very simple, any frame that is stiff and light enough not to obstruct airflow too much will do. You can make a quadcopter frame out of a few sticks taped together. Manufacturing depends on how the frame is designed, you can use laser cutting or water jet to cut sheet metal (probably aluminium), plastic, Solana Robotics Video or carbon fiber. You can use many small batch manufacturing services to cut these for you. You can also use vacuum forming, start-up costs are much higher, but again, there are now affordable fabrication services (setup costs around $1000 for forming) Power electronics: battery, ESC, motors, and props. A battery is any high power density battery with the correct operating voltage and sufficient current supply. This usually means lithium polymer (lithium cobalt oxide) batteries, or just “fat” in the RC aircraft community. ESC, either off the shelf, or you can start working on a three-phase bridge circuit and motor commutation (sensorless, unless you want to install your own hall sensors or position encoders). One caveat: the input LPFs of many ESCs will really conflict with your PIDs, so you may want to look into custom firmware or other ways to circumvent them (eg overdrive PWM). A motor is any motor with the correct kv rating and power density, you might want to look at rare earth permanent magnet three-phase outer rotors, or just “outer rotors” in the RC aircraft community. The props need to match the motor running speed/kv rating and craft weight, and they need to be fixed-pitch counter-rotating pairs. Most of these you’ll buy off the shelf (unless you want to make your own ESC, which is possible). Flight controllers and digital electronics: low-level stabilization controller, IMU sensor, navigation controller and radio receiver (optional telemetry). The low-level controller is a microcontroller system that handles sensor fusion, AHRS and PID, possibly with a PWM output to the ESC. The processing power doesn’t need to be very high, depending on how much filtering you need, we used an ARM Cortex-M3, but others used ATMEGA and PIC/dsPIC. The IMU needs at least a MEMS gyroscope (you can just fly with a gyroscope), an accelerometer for leveling and non-aerobatic flight, adding a magneto will allow you to lock the heading better, which is a must if you plan to do GPS autopilot indispensable. Barometer and ultrasonic modules are also available for altitude maintenance. The navigation controller is optional and can be combined with the low-level controls, which adds a GPS module. A radio receiver is required for input control, PWM interfaces are common, but we used Spektrum satellites and Futaba s.bus, which are digital serial signals, easier to deal with with microcontrollers, and less wires. Telemetry (two-way communication) is completely optional, we have used the XBee grid before and it is very useful for debugging. Again, you can do this with off-the-shelf components, or you can do a PCB design. Thanks to the rise of hobby electronics, PCB development is very easy these days, and if you don’t want to handle it yourself, you can find plenty of PCB fabrication services as well as PCB assembly services. However, PCB assembly is relatively simple – order a PCB stencil (some PCB fabrication services provide stencils for free), some solder paste, a small oven and some pointed tweezers, and have a lot of patience. It’s possible to handcraft 0402 size components, though trust me: start with a 0603 size or larger, or you’ll really kick yourself). Depending on specification, turnaround time and volume, PCB fabrication is in the range of $1 to $5 per board, PCB assembly is much more expensive and typically costs around $200 to $500 for installation. These prices are available in China, it will be a lot more expensive if you look for a US supplier. Flight Control Software: AHRS, Sensor Fusion, PID, Navigation Routines AHRS and Sensor Fusion run on the low-level controller and combine raw IMU sensors into AHRS. DCM and quaternions are popular for this. Sonsor fusion can be part of this or run through a separate Kalman filter. What you choose to develop will depend on your proficiency in mathematics, embedded development and available processing power. EKF is great, but resource-heavy. We use quaternions without Kalman filter. By the way, in our solution some elements of DCM need to be re-exported anyway. The PID simply compares the calculated AHRS with the attitude, heading and thrust demands from the manual control or the navigation controller (itself another set of PID loops, possibly a waypoint interpolator, depending on how you implement your navigation ). PID tuning is a bit like magic, there are established methods, but once you get used to how the gain behaves, it’s not too bad. Unless you add HIL test support and kinematic modeling, you’re likely to rely heavily on trial and error. Tip: Although AHRS and PID are key parts of the flight control code, they only account for a few percent of the actual code. The rest will be glue logic and generic usability code that handles user input. That’s pretty much it. If you understand all of the above terms, then you have everything you need to know to build a quadcopter from scratch. If not, then you should probably start by using a kit or pre-built system while searching for all the concepts above and how they fit together.We’ve spent quite some time developing our own quadcopter from scratch, and let me tell you: it’s not something you should take lightly, we’ve

(Popularity: 10) Which is the best sex shop in Chennai?

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