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(Popularity Rate: 86 ) Where can I find a silicone baby doll that moves, cries, eats and poops?

feel as lifelike as possible. We start with a play doll or a vinyl kit, and paint it, weight it, root hair onto, and assemble it so that it will look as much as a real baby as possible. In the beginning, in the early 90’s and late 80’s reborns started with the use of Berenguer type mass manufactured play dolls, which were taken apart, stripped of their paint and reborned. Later, kits became part of the market place, created by artists using clay and were one of a kind kits. Now, artists can use these life like kits instead of play dolls, although play dolls can still be used. They just won’t look as realistic as if you were using a kit. Kits can range anywhere from a mere 7″ to a stunning 30″. The kits and the materials used to create them are very expensive and the end result can take days and weeks to create.
The kit is washed, then painted using many many layers of translucent paint either air dry paint or Genesis Heat Set Paint. The paint is left to dry between layers if it is air dry or it is heated with an oven or heat gun if painted with heat set paints. Babies can be painted in the various spectrum of flesh colors, and also painted in fantasy colors. The head is then given eyes if it is an open eyed baby using acrylic, poly-crylic, or glass eyes.
They are also given hair, if it is not left bald by using paints, and/or mohair or human hair or synthetic human hair. Human and synthetic are best used for the older dolls which are meant to look like toddlers. They are rooted allowing for only one or two hairs at a time with a micro-rooted doll which takes many days to achieve the end result. You have to root directionally with a very long needle and strands of hair.
The babies also get magnets glued inside for pacifiers and/or hair bows, unless otherwise stated. The kits are then put together using jointed or non jointed cloth bodies and/or vinyl torsos, which can be anatomically correct. The dolls’ limbs, body, and head are weighted with various materials. Usually it is a combination of Polyfil, poly or glass pellets or beads, or steel shot. The poly pellets or glass beads are poured into each limb then stuffed the remaining space with Polyfil. The belly will contain pouches of contained weighting material and then polyfil around that. The head will be filled like the belly with a contained pouch which allows for the head to flop like a newborn head would flop. Then each part is put onto the body through use of cords or zip ties. Some babies can be further customized with heart beat boxes, breathing machines, belly or butt plates for picture taking, or even cry boxes.
The doll is then weighed on a scale and the date, time, weight, and length is recorded onto a birth certificate. The dolls are then packaged with diapers, clothing, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, toys, and all sorts of goodies depending on what the artist and customer agreed the baby would be sent home with. I always send mine home with a sleeper, diaper, birth certificate, and care sheet. Some have a lot more than that. They must be packed very carefully, be fully insured, and the buyer notified of the ship date. Some artists only ship within their country, other ship world wide. I ship world wide, but to date I have only had the privilege to ship in the US.
Some dolls are custom made meaning that the buyer chooses all or most everything they want from the kit, to the skin tone, to the gender, and eye and hair color. Some dolls are ready for adoption, meaning that the artist has created a baby without a buyer in mind already and has put it up on the market for sale. A sale is called an adoption in this hobby/business. The dolls are sold through blogs, websites, reborn selling sites, craft pages like Etsy and through auction sites like E-bay, and through social media pages like Facebook, and Instagram. I sell my babies through my webpage, Facebook, and on rebornsX.
These dolls are not created for children. They are adult heirlooms, and meant for adults. I always tell my customers that they should not be for those 12 and under unless created as child safe. The small parts, glass, fine hair, and thin paint is not made to be treated roughly.
Reborners are the artists, and reborn moms and dads or reborn collectors are the ones who collect. Many people make and/or collect for many reasons. Some use the dolls to fill up their homes with their cute faces because they like dolls or they like the look of babies. Some collect to fill a void in their lives due to infertility, loss of a child or baby, or empty nest syndrome. I got into the craft through my own infertility. The reborns have been a way to cope with not having a real live baby. Although, they are no replacement for a real baby, they can prove to be therapeutic. England has long been showing their reborns in public without as much ridicule and scorn compared to the rest of the world. I take mine out with me when I am out shopping, or with my mother. Many do not take to the dolls because they are so lifelike, while others love these precious pieces of art because they are so realistic. You will find a good mix of reactions.
Should you h

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Should you buy your daughter a sex toy?

store for many years and was extremely good at it. I know my business when it comes to that like the back of my hand. I only left that sector of business because it really is dangerous. Being robbed at gunpoint twice over a little cash and a butt plug is not something I’d recommend….
Be that as it may…
You say “first toy”. I am assuming you’re younger and it’s for solo use, therefore the following will be written for someone with that point of view. However, the basic rules apply to almost ALL toys.
Exactly how the tires are the most important part of an automobile, the material the toy is made out of is to you. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you even remotely consider purchasing anything less than a silicone toy. They’re not insanely expensive anymore and if your private business isn’t worth $25-$30 tops? Stop. Go no further.
If you’re still reading, the reason you want silicone is because that can be cleaned with mild hand soap and warm water and left to air dry. You will incur no extra cost for a cleaner that you may have to explain to prying eyes, and yes it is mandatory to use the cleaner. The clear jelly toys are usually TPR and the “Velvet-Cote” soft looking toys are straight up ABS plastic or PVC, both of which are HARD and not in a good way. TPR is thermoplastic rubber and that is extremely porous. It holds in bacteria, soap residue, dust, and Irontechdollgod knows what else. I wouldn’t want that to enter MY body, you probably shouldn’t either. The ABS and PVC Velvet-Cote toys if washed with soap? The velvet cote starts to flake off and just no. No no no.
SILICONE for vibrations. MILD, UNSCENTED HAND SOAP for cleaning it after usage. AIR DRY.
Unless you just LOVE to spend out the wahoo on batteries, make absolutely certain it takes at least a AAA. Those cell batteries, the LR44, CR2025, AG13 are just money drains. You’ll get one solid use out of it and have to get more batteries. They reason for this is that those batteries drain, even while the toy isn’t on. Once activated they drain at the same speed, whether the toy is on or off. That’s why if you see a little piece of plastic sticking out of the side of the toy you need to choose again, it takes cell batteries and much more overall than the $10 it may cost.
NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER use anything but a waterbased lubricant. Silicone based lubricants will literally melt the toy. LITERALLY. Silicone is derived from silica, which is just fancy talk for SAND. The last time I checked, sand and vibrations don’t really jive and that’s just a whole fiasco you DON’T want to deal with. Also, try to avoid flavored lubricants, regardless of how pretty the package is. Artificial sweeteners play hell down under and as my grandfather told me, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
He wasn’t lying.

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) Why are sex dolls seen as being “taboo”?

There are a lot of potential problems. When you have sex with a doll, you don’t have to worry about what it wants, or you can control what it “wants” in your fantasies. That encourages behavior patterns that result in sexual assault and harassment.

Cheap Sex Doll

Cheap Sex Doll

Love Doll

Love Doll

(Popularity Rate: 25 ) Is selling sex toys and adult products legal in India?


(Popularity Rate: 54 ) How can I get sex toys for couples in Nanded?

s, to avoid the embarassment when your family opens it at home.
Most of the sites courier this in a sealed package, so no worries if anyone will see it
For most of women growing up in middle class India, this subject was something we were to pretend to know nothing about until it was time to get married and make babies. ‘education’ was the illicit thrill of rifling through raunchy magazines that that one resourceful friend (we all had that one friend, didn’t we?) managed to procure from somewhere (no one dared to ask where for fear of being cut off). Needless to say, most of us grew up thinking the need for physical pleasure as dirty. Lessons such as these can be hard to shake off and, unfortunately, far too many of us still consider the pursuit of carnal fulfillment as something to be ashamed of.
While pre-marital or looking outside is still an absolute no-no for huge chunks of our society, even discussing is forbidden, frowned upon and a subject of great embarrassment. No wonder then that there are a shocking number of myths and wrongly held beliefs about the topic, even though it is a perfectly normal, natural bodily urge. So let’s set the record straight, once and for all.
We all know that There is no limit, real or imagined. self pleasure is healthy for both men and women and will not affect your ability to enjoy or your fertility. It will not lead to any other health problems in men or women. There is no age or life-stage at which one should start or stop self pleasure, nor is there any reason to feel guilty about while you’re in a committed relationship. It’s a simple physical release that should be enjoyed, devoid of guilt.
Toys are ur friends. When you want to feel the pleasure but are too tired to take matters in your own hands, toys are a god-sent. Hell, even if you’re perfectly energised and ready to go, toys can be a great aid to take the pleasure several notches higher. We all know of the Rabbit , but vibrators are not the only toys out there and toys such as anal beads, pulsators, nipple and clitoral stimulators, feather dusters, fleshlights — there’s a world of toys out there that can be used both . Definitely worth investing in, if you have access to clinically safe, good quality ones.
Figure out your pleasure points, self pleasure is a great way to figure out what works for you , to help steer your current and future partners in the right direction. What can be better than being your own sensual guinea pig? You can indulge your strangest kinks and fantasies without witnesses or moral judgement and understand how your body responds to different kinds of touches, pressures and techniques. Knowing your way around your body makes you more comfortable with it, which directly affects the quality of your sensual life. Not only does it make future more pleasurable for you, it takes a lot of the pressure off of a new partner learning their way around your body when you’re confidently guiding them.
Don’t forget to lock the door!Imagine your mother walking in on you just as things are getting hot and heavy. Or your father/ sister/ brother. Or your flatmate. Or Gangu Bai, who remembers she needs to clear the cobwebs under your bed while you’re rubbing one out. No matter how sudden the urge to pleasure yourself, always, always, always haul your butt to the door and lock up. The alternative is too embarrassing to contemplate.
And finally, here’s one parting pearl of basic, but often overlooked, wisdom… How about a friend, who can give you a helping hand from your trusted friend. its always fun to have someone help you. Imagine you are having a coffee with a colleague or friend after work, and you decide to walk in

What does your ultimate female form look like? What are the darkest sexual needs that you have? Now, you have the perfect opportunity to make your sexual fantasies come true with adult cheap sex dolls, and that too at your fingertips. Go ahead and unlock your sexual urges with this love doll for men. And all that with complete discretion which is now so much available for you with an adult real doll. Here you are allowed to work towards obtaining your ultimate in fantasy when it comes to sex and that too with very little effort from you.

This is not about your run of the mill everyday babes you look at, you can even get porn stars as dolls and please yourself in ways that never seems possible before with a silicone sex doll that looks just like them. Let us give you a sampling as to what to expect from the adult love dolls you are going to get.

Debby stands at 153 cm, stands at 5ft, and has a D cup. She is made of very high-quality silicone, which makes her an ab ideal sex doll for men. She is highly sensual and a melancholic young girl from Asia. She has deep eyes and very soft lips which are indicative of a pleasant and simple personality. She is not rebellious and she does not like conflicts. She likes being docile and wise. She happens to be a lot classier than her peers and also looks classy in her blouse and a little skirt. She is very wise, but she also understands that she can be on top of fire whenever she wishes to be.

(Popularity Rate: 96 ) Why are sex toys not sold in India?

1500 Cr in India and growing very rapidly. The toys are available freely in various shops in metro cities. Also, various Love Dollspartan lover doll online websites have come up which sell imported high quality toys. Some of these are X.mas