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(Popularity Rate: 72 ) Suppose Voodoo dolls were real. What happens when you sit on yours?

Say this was real, why where to buy authentic hitachi magic wand would you sit on your own doll? Was it in your back pocket? Why? Why are you carrying your own voodoo doll of yourself around in your back pocket? Shouldn’t that be locked up in a safe where it can’t be harmed? If you sit on your own voodoo doll, you’ll probably die of stupidity.

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e hobby and especially to finance dressage riding, I babysit in the evenings after university. I really enjoy looking after the cute little ones, especially since the earning potential with the rich families is pretty good.When I have put the children to bed, I like to take a look around the villa where I babysit and examine the pretty family pictures. This way, I can see at first glance which father 65cm Sex Dollis going to do it to my TPE doll p***y the hardest in the evening. I like older men and sometimes, when I see hot dads in family pictures, I have to satisfy myself; as anadult doll, I always have the necessary toys with me in my handbag.I have all sorts of fantasies about how the daddy will f**k me hard in the ass when he comes home. At the same time, the hot mommy will stimulate my dripping p***y with her tongue. For me, nothing stands in the way of a hot threesome. Most of the time, I get exactly that, because usually the parents are drunk when they come home anyway and have an appetite for a real doll.’, “If that dream doesn’t come true, the fathers usually drive me home. While where to buy authentic hitachi magic wand driving, I usually flirt intensely. So, it could be that we stop at a remote parking lot and I blow his stiff c**k. I want him to shoot his load into my mouth at the climax. I also like to ride him on the back seat of his car like the really horny”, ‘TPE sex do

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ed me out. Since then, I have met a lot of interesting people as a”, ‘sex doll. They have inspired me to do many things and my dream is to build a sex community.I like the idea of free love and I am convinced that especially a sex doll owner should have several sex dolls of his own. If you have the potency, why waste your drive on onereal dollwhen there are so many horny sex dolls just waiting to have sex with you?’, “My attitudes are based on my love for sex and the firm conviction that one should sleep with more than one partner. That’s why I’m absolutely not a jealous”, ‘adult doll. On the contrary, I myself think the female sex is beautiful and of course I am happy to see you in bed with my love doll friends.’, “I love group sex and I’ll let anyone who wants it, f**k my sweet holes. I would love to show you what I have learned so far and maybe introduce you to the art of the Kama Sutra. You won’t believe how many times you’ll reach climax in one night with me! At the moment, on

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(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Have you ever been caught using a blow-up doll?

he night and I’d go visit sometimes. We’d just sit and bullshit mostly. She never wore shoes ever, and she had the highest arches my young eyes had ever seen outside of models in magazines and porno. She had very shapely calves too, very well defined. Many times we’d be sitting outside and I’d be looking at her feet and my penis would start to wake up, ok how embarrassing to get even a little bulge going. If she noticed she never said anything. After a bit it would go down and I’d be ok. A few times I’d get rock hard and had to get creative with positions to hide my pole. But most the time I could fight it back without much problem.
On nights I didn’t sit out with her I’d get horny and play with myself, mostly naked and watching some kind of porn on the TV. From her front porch it looked down into our kitchen and living room, unless we had the curtains closed. I was always nervous that I could be seen through the curtains or that they might not be closed all the way. So I was never quite sure if I had been seen or by who. Sometimes I would have tons of videos and magazines spread out and toys and bottles of lube totally naked and my penis rock hard in the middle of the living room. I would stroke my rock hard penis for hours at a time 5 or 6 hours or more, I couldn’t get enough, I was obsessed with masturbating. I found a way to video myself and that was exciting, I only videotaped the stroking and rarely the cumshot. Which is a crime because I used to have the most impressive ejaculation I’ve ever seen. I could shoot it about 20ft and at least 13 pulses of smooth creamy sperm. That was before internet porn and I had nothing to compare it to, so I didn’t think it was anything special. Well now I know. You can see from my videos I don’t get much juice these days nor the phone pole type of erections, but I can lube up and get a good orgasm.
Well being more sure than not that she had seen or at least knew of my masturbation habits I was curious as to what reaction she might have if she caught me in the act and my reaction if she hadn’t ever seen. Either way it made me very excited to think about her and her sexy feet seeing me masturbate. So it had to be a good show and had to look like a total accident that she caught me. Every morning she took the k**z to skool and came back about 17 min later,alone. So, I had to plan out how I was going to do it and what I wanted her to see. The obvious part was that the curtains had to be open so she could see below my shoulders. I figured that it wouldn’t look as obvious that I was masturbating if I only had my penis sticking out of my fly. Should I leave my underwear on? Maybe wear a t-shirt? I thought that might look ridiculous so full naked would be the better look and draw attention to my penis. So, now it’s show time. I had a good foot pic up on the computer, my bottle of lube ready and just waiting for her and the k**z to leave. Out she goes, I strip totally naked lube my limp penis and start working it. It must have been the strong nerves geteto me but I couldn’t get hard and I didn’t want to be seen limp, at least not trying to masturbate. I tried different pics, I tried stroking faster and gripping harder Nothing Studio
was getting close to time for her to be back and no wood yet. At the last minute it started to grow, and man did it grow, I hadn’t been that hard in a long time. I almost forgot about Sherri, then I spotted the car coming down the hill and my nerves were going and my penis was pulsating even harder. She pulled into the driveway got out of the car and walked up the steps. I was stroking my rock hard pole and looking straight at the computer screen and out the corner of my eye to watch her. I didn’t want to look directly at her so it would be obvious that it was intentional. She walked up the steps bent down picked up the paper and walked in the house. Now I was confused as to wether see saw or not because there was no reaction at all. I’m standing in the middle of the kitchen in front of an open window to my left and a computer in front of me shaking from nerves naked and masturbating. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I finished jerking off and thinking that she may have seen me I had a very powerful and voluminous ejaculation. Now thinking that she didn’t care one way or the other I just continued to masturbate as normal for the next few days. Sitting in front of the computer she wouldn’t be able to see anything as low as my penis from that angel let alone my hand sliding up and down it. A few days later I wanted to try again and see if I could get a react from her. I watched and waited for her to leave, I stripped down to absolutely nothing, lubricated my limp penis and went to work. Not so nervous this time I had no problem getting it hard, when she pulled into the driveway I got super hard like I did the first time. It was so hard it was uncomfortable and I really wanted to feel a good smooth stroke when she was looking and this was distracting from that. I slowed down and lightened my grip waiting for her to come up the porch step. It seemed like forever but then I saw the top of her hair above the step railing and I noticed the kitchen light wasn’t on so with a quick move I reached over and hit it. I turned facing her straight on trying not to look directly at her. She walked up the step looking my direction and smoothly without missing a beat she casually bent down to get the paper. I knew for sure she had seen me, how could she miss, I was about 99% sure that it didn’t even phase her. Then she hopped up just high enough to see over the porch wall, her head snapped my direction, eyes big as saucers and jaw hit the floor. Ok, now I know she had never seen even by accident. At that realization I went from erotic masturbation to standing there totally naked playing with my penis completely embarrassed trapped, I couldn’t just duck out and run that would admit I knew I was doing it in front of her. So I continued to stroke my rock hard penis for what seemed like an eternity. She just kept watching, I kept going. Then she jumped up and ran in the house. As shaky as I was from nerves I sat down in front if the computer and finished masturbating. Still completely naked oily penis and a hand full of still hot fresh sperm I was exhausted and didn’t have the motivation to even move I knew I needed to wash the lube and cum off of my naked self. Shocked from the embarrassment if being seen and the thrill of it at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder how it was going to be the next time I saw her outside.
After a couple if days I got super horny again and wanted to see if I could get a different reaction from her. I took my clothes off and got lubricated and hard. I started to stroke my penis slowly and searching through the pics on the computer for something to keep my erection up till “Showtime” I found a beautiful pair of sexy high arches that got me harder than Chinese arithmetic so I kept it there and got into position to be viewed. I slowly ran my hand up and down my rock hard penis shaft patiently waiting for Sherri to get back but she was taking longer than usual and I was getting close to an orgasm. I didn’t want to cum before she got to see but to shoot a steaming hot load with her watching would have been a top excitement. So I just stood there, naked, masturbating, waiting not paying attention. when I looked up there she was staring at me watching my hand glide smoothly and steadily back and forth from the pulsating tip to the base of my rock hard red hot penis. This time was more amazement than shock like the first time. I kept going and pretending not to see her watching me. She sat and watched curiously without moving a muscle like she was enjoying it and didn’t really want me to stop. Like somehow if I knew she was watching I would stop or something. She watched for a good solid 5 minutes or more, I was to busy enjoying being seen or “caught” to concentrate on an orgasm at that moment. After what seemed like a very long time I tried to cum while she was there but I just felt naked and exposed with my penis being the focal point of attention, the building up to the orgasm had vanished and embarrassment set in. But I couldn’t stop and risk her finding out I was doing it on purpose. So, I settled back down and worked on the orgasm again. It didn’t take long to be back at a point that I could explode in a rain storm of warm white milk cloud of juicy sperm. I stroked harder and faster slipping off of the tip to let her see my stiff member flop around and see my head swollen and pulsating. I stated to think of her extremely sexy high arched feet and with her standing there watching I was reaching an intense climax and ready to shoot and enormous load of sperm lava, then she ducked back into the house. I let lose of my tense orgasm and let my sperm gush from the tip of my stiff penis onto the kitchen tile in a paper plate size puddle that grew larger with each spasm and continued to flow even between pulses of orgasmic pumping. As the cum waned and the orgasm wore off I was sitting on my knees naked and sweaty relaxing after my release feeling like I had just been watched. It felt like the excitement of a combination of embarrassment and thrill of being caught.
The third time was about a week later. I stripped down and waited for her. Ehen she came up the porch step she looked over at me and then continued to pick up the paper then looked over again like it was nothing. I thought that maybe the novelty of it had worn off and it wasn’t that big a deal anymore, so I just kept masturbating. I liked the fact that she could see me or had seen me anyway so even though it might not get a reaction from her it was still exciting being seen by a neighbor with the sexiest set of high arched feet I had ever seen, and I’ve masturbated to a lot of orgasmic feet. All of those nights sitting on the porch and starring directly into those arches, she never wore shoes, and not being able to do anything about it I finally got some relief from it. I never got to masturbate while looking at her incredible feet as much as I tried over the years I was somewhat satisfied that I had been seen.
The fouth time, the fifth time, the sixth time it seemed to be the same. Sometimes she would watch longer than others but not very long. One particular morning I was masturbating naked, as I always masturbate naked, I wasn’t paying attention for her when I looked up there she was watching I wasn’t expecting much but she stood there and kept looking almost as if she wanted me to know that she could see me. She stayed for longer than she ever had before and it was beginning to feel like it did the first few times. I was feeling naked and nervous and began to think should I keep it up or should I walk away. I figured this may be my chance to have her see me cum, so I started stroking for orgasm, a bit faster and a tighter grip it was feeling very good as I was edging closer to the money shot. I really wanted to cum in front of her and I was trying hard. Then I felt a sharp twitch in my lower area I was starting what was to be an epic orgasm. My eyes got heavy and my knees were shaking, my entire body started to go ridged I couldn’t control where I was looking anymore and I began to dribble drops of hot sperm on the floor in front of me, normally I would cum into my free hand, but wanting her to see this big load shoot clear across the kitchen I let it go free to fly. And fly it did. I began to unload shot after shot of creamy white highly visible sperm that wen from the doorway to the hall to the kitchen wall directly across from me. This orgasm lasted at least a full minute and really drained my of cum and energy. As I began to come down and regain some contro

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) What is love? Can we love more than one person?

the loving experience. You care about the love object or subject. You have a desire to repeat the loving experience in the short and/or long term. Some humans wrongly think that medium intensity pleasure is also love but it is really attraction, affection, fondness, and liking which exists at other times in an ongoing loving relationship.
You can love more than one person like a parent can love more than one child. It is even possible to love more than one woman or more than one man and it is also possible to love both a man and a woman or be bisexual.
Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behaviors

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) What is Rosé’s (Blackpink) best feature?

Her hair. HAHAHA. I love her hair like anytime I seen Rosé I am always amazed at how beautiful her hair is.
Anywho, her skills and movement in her dancing is probably her best feature imo. I like her voice but its not my favourite so I’d probably say that although she is a very talented and skillful singer with a good voice I love the way she dances and her flow. I think that Rosé is such a talented dancer but her vocals are her strongest point in terms of American Sex Dollmain talent.