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(Popularity: 52) Can a married man have an 8-month affair with a colleague, act like a normal person, and have no feelings for her?

Of course he can. He’s not emotionally invested in her, he doesn’t have more affection for her than he does for a blow-up doll. Think of it this way, he’s married, he’s not emotionally invested in his wife or his marriage, he’s been messing around with other people for eight months, and he’s not emotionally invested in either. He has a problem. He doesn’t have feelings for anyone deeper than a drop of rain on your shoulder.

(Popularity: 22) I’m a 16 year old intersex guy and I want to try anal masturbation, but don’t know where to start, I can’t buy any sex toys, so what should I use and how?

Lubricate it and your anal opening, if you have one too. Gently press your finger against the opening of the anus. Don’t just feel your external sphincter (anal muscle). Take a deep breath and keep pushing hard (but not yet). Tighten the sphincter very hard (like you do on the toilet) and hold it for as long as you can, but about 30 seconds or so, still breathing deeply and regularly. You shouldn’t be able to maintain muscle for too long! When you can no longer hold your glutes, relax your sphincter as you exhale while pushing your lubricated fingers in! Push only as far as your hip muscles allow, but don’t force it. Stop if you feel pain. If you’re feeling a little sick, that’s fine. Let your butt get used to where your fingers are (it doesn’t need to go all the way in), but keep breathing deeply. You may feel your internal sphincter pulse/contract (spasm), eventually it will adapt to your finger and then the internal muscles will start to relax. Take a regular deep breath, then tighten the sphincter again as you inhale, but this time around your fingers (partly, where is it). Then relax the muscles as you exhale and you should be able to push your fingers all the way inside. Your anal muscles may even pull your fingers in. Wait a minute and let your butt get used to your fingers. Relax now.. Next, feel the prostate. A small walnut shape that should be up (from where your fingers are, aiming for your ball and the base of the cock) and back, up. Be gentle and take your time. You should get a response when you find it, it’s very responsive. Now gently massage or stroke it. Finally, to feel the full force of it all, try jerking with the other hand and continue massaging with your fingers. It might be easier to almost sit on your hands/fists, but in a comfortable way. If you successfully ejaculate, you will find a whole new experience as all your muscles are spasming while your prostate enlarges and gets massaged! Orgasms are usually very powerful. Try not to make this a game, just enjoy. Take your time, explore, enjoy, and good luck! EDIT: good hygiene helps, you want to remove residue, not wash off y

(Popularity: 14) What are the advantages of silicone dolls compared to general TPE?

Sorry I can’t copy-paste, but the info here is great and helps me decide when to buy. Go to FAQ.Silicone Lovers | Realistic Sex Dolls

(Popularity: 56) Will sex toys appear on airport X-ray machines?

When looking for metal items, they thoroughly search the bag’s contents, and the scanners they use provide an absolute Love Dollincredible view of the bag’s contents. So yes, they can very vividly see what you have in that bag. However, traveling with sex toys is far from unusual. A TSA agent would see something like this passing through the machine many, many times a day. By and large, they are discrete professionals. If they see something potentially objectionable and/or embarrassing in your bag, and if they happen to need to search your bag, they will ask you to go to a private room before they search your bag publicly.Keep toys in airtight pouches inside your luggage, no liquids or particularly dense objects (such as books – machines can’t see through them well, and

(Popularity: 28) In the movie “American Sniper”, why is Chris Kyle’s character holding a doll instead of a real baby in the movie scene?

Hero or bullying, bloodthirsty, paranoid liar. I will try not to let my personal feelings about this person affect the way I answer this question. Most people know Chris Kyle as a Navy SEAL and the deadliest sniper in the history of the U.S. Armed Forces. That alone was enough to make some view him in a negative light. Someone without a military background might think that snipers are just hiding out of sight and shooting random people for no reason. But in fact, it’s not. Kyle fired to defend the troops on the ground. He can see the danger coming and resolve it if possible. Most people on the ground look up to him: that’s how he got his “legendary” nickname. ** Kyle’s 2012 autobiography, American Sniper, has been viewed negatively by many as Kyle prepares to shoot in Iraq. He is candid about his views. He was particularly attacked because he wrote that he “hated those damn savages”. Compared to some of the things I’ve heard, he’s polite. How should you feel about the people who killed your friends and the troops you were trying to defend? The men placed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on human corpses and dead animals, then dumped them by the side of the road. They would smear the shrapnel inside the bombs with human feces, hoping that any wounds they inflict would be badly infected. When Kyle came home, he was emotionally out of control in every way. Some didn’t realize he had been shot twice, had both knees reconstructed and was dealing with dangerously high blood pressure. In addition to this, he suffers from hearing loss, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic insomnia. American snipers drink day and night. He totaled his SUV while intoxicated and was charged with DWI. He was involved in numerous bar fights and was charged with assault on more than one occasion. Then there are rumors and tall stories. He told friends he shot two men who tried to hijack him at a gas station. There is no evidence that this ever happened, and police have no record. Rumor has it that he shot looters in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I find this story unbelievable. Why did he do this? There is no evidence. No police report.Where shared sex doll A dead body shot with a sniper rifle? Kyle told a story on a radio show about how he brought down Jesse Ventura in a bar brawl. That’s all the news. Ventura denied the incident and sued Kyle. By all accounts, things are bad. The fact that he won more medals in the books than he actually won doesn’t make many people like him. In American Sniper, Kyle wrote, he received 2 Silver Stars and 6 Bronze Stars. There is a DD214 discharge document reflecting these numbers. The Navy looked at Kyle’s records and found that he actually had 1 silver star and 4 bronze stars. His DD 214 was modified. ** Chris Kyle’s original DD214 shows 2 silver stars and 6 bronze stars. The Navy later said it was their mistake and created a corrected document. I haven’t written much about the good things about Chris Kyle here (there are many of them) because the question is why so many people view him in a negative light. Of course, he has problems, and we all have. For his part, however, they became national news. Imagine what it would be like if some bad/stupid thing you said or did would be known to the whole country. I don’t know you, but I wouldn’t be considered a saint. I think it boils down to this: people with a certain worldview dislike what Chris Kyle says and do and condemn him for it. Others saw a far from perfect war-weary SEAL who gave so much to his country. They forgive the embellished stories and incorrect medal counts.I think all the strong

(Popularity: 58) Can anyone tell me the name of that movie about a woman who mutilates all the men she’s ever loved and turns all her partner’s favorite body parts into a doll?

G. It’s called “May”. shared sex doll The subtitle is “She wants to make a new friend…” or something like that. She chose jer victims not as friends, but because they each have perfect body parts. Her first man’s hand was dead and her girlfriend’s leg was dead.this is one of them