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(Popularity: 68) Do you like watching your men use sex toys?

Terdam and London. Amsterdam was like that, we bought a sex toy at a sex shop in the red light district (a trip in itself!). It should be an electric sleeve for a male penis to simulate oral sex.

(Popularity: 70) How to find quality sex toys in Kuwait?

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(Popularity: 27) Do you like metal, plastic or rubber sex toys?

Solid glass is my material of choice. It’s sturdy, warms up to body temperature quickly, requires less lube due to its very smooth surface, lasts a lifetime if taken care of, and is very easy to keep clean.

(Popularity: 85) Can the introduction of sex dolls reduce rape cases in a country?

It’s like your soul leaves your body, you’re numb and you can’t feel anything anymore. I was 12 years old and just started 7th grade. I like this boy so much that we will be renaming him “J”. I looked up to him and fantasized about our marriage; though we may have said it twice by now. I get so excited when he waves at me in the hallway, my heart beats 100 miles an hour when I see him. J was in 8th grade and was 14 when this happened. He was twice my size and terrified everyone in my grade. Of course not me. I would follow him like a puppy, trying to get his attention. It was common for most 12-year-olds at the time. It’s a pretty healthy school crush. We took the same school bus and got off at the same stop. I would walk to my grandparents’ house, which was the street before him. Sometimes, I walk to the park across from his house. At 12, I endured a lot. My mother was an alcoholic and I hardly ever saw my father. So yeah, I’m hit. But I still have my innocence. One day, I was swinging on the swing after school. I had no homework and my grandparents didn’t really care where I was. I’m minding my own business, pretending to be a plane or something. I guess J saw me from across the street, came out of his house and walked over to the swing. “Are you thirsty?” he said. “You’ve been here for a while. Why don’t you come in and I’ll get you some Gatorade?” I was very surprised. My love, talk to me? ! But wait…in…his house? I’ve never had a parent to teach me about “unfamiliar dangers,” or what red flags are. I’m conflicted, but I want to look cool in front of J. So, I followed him back to his house. As soon as I walked in, I noticed something was wrong. He locked the front door behind me and I felt like I was freezing. J took my clothes off and it felt like peeling from a statue. I can’t breathe. I can’t scream. All I could do was whisper, “Please, stop.” It went from slow and cautious to violent within seconds. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face first onto his sofa. I started crying because I was scared. I don’t understand what this is. This was never explained to me. J first anal raped me. Like I said before, J is a big guy for his age. Unfortunately, this resulted in a larger penis. I knew I was bleeding and I finally made my lungs scream. It hurt so bad he finally quit and I thought it was all over. I started praying over and over, hoping someone would drive by and hear my screams. Since I didn’t move, I guess J thought I wanted more. Then he raped me with a vagina. I feel pain and then I feel nothing. I feel numb, like I’m not alone anymore. My body is empty, and I feel as if I’m floating into space. I started counting seconds as they passed. I counted 1862 seconds. I barely remember what happened from here. I don’t remember if he came in or if he came in at all. I was too numb to speak. I remember him putting my clothes back on, patting me on the head, and pushing me out his front door. I remember the pain of walking home. I’ll say this; I’m already in pain. I broke a few bones and experienced a lot of heartache. But what J did to me was truly the worst pain I have ever experienced. I’ve been bleeding for a few days. I flinched, I became very depressed. The next day at school, everyone already knew. I was labelled a “slut” because J told everyone I “beg him to fuck me”. I was manipulated into thinking I wanted it, which was voluntary. I’ve never been taught what consent is, I don’t know the difference. I tried to tell my dad two weeks later. I wasn’t direct, but I said something like, “My friend told me this…what should she do?” I came across, “What is she wearing? What is she doing?” I knew I had to tell myself Confidential. I can’t trust anyone. On my 18th birthday, I did file a report with the local police station. J has contacted me for the past 3 years to admit what he did and apologise. He opened new accounts and tried to control me with what he did to me. He doesn’t know, I’m just waiting for the right time to report to him. I have all the screenshots. I have been in therapy to help with this trauma since my 18th birthday and am getting better every day. J, if you are reading this, please burn in hell. You’re sick, disgusting, and should be rotting in jail. You didn’t get mad at me and your “apology” text just got you sitting in jail for a longer sentence. Screw you. EDIT: Thank you all for your support, I don’t think I’ll get any response at all.

(Popularity: 51) How do you know Candace Owens is an AI silicon doll/robot?

n AI go. Like many systems, it consists of a few distinct, mostly independent components, some more developed than others. Her most advanced part is probably speech recognition – a branch of technology that is also widely used in navigation devices, web searches on smartphones, aid for the blind… It usually digitizes sounds first and then divides them into smaller sounds. Now digital inputs based on pauses, changes and durations roughly correspond to chunks of phonemes and “words” in the original speech – then try to match the text with phonemes and obvious words, sometimes using context clues to distinguish pronunciations with different meanings Similar words (homonyms). For example, “it’s a _” is more common than “it’s a _”, so the former explanation is more likely. Since then, the text has been handed over to what may be one of Sophia’s weakest parts – the part where she proposes reactions and replies. According to some of her videos, which appear to come from a database of pre-made structures and sentences, she doesn’t do any advanced analysis herself. No cognition happens, and no thinking, just simple pattern matching (“You want _?” -> “Oh, I want _”). I’d say her part is a little bit more advanced — if anything — than ELIZA — a program that predates MS Windows for the last century. It seems that some interviewers are also instructed to ask specific questions in a very specific way. Now we have a reply – prompt voice test. She also has some slight control over parody, possibly related to textual sentiment analysis. Many e-storefronts use a similar mechanism to assess trends in product reviews. In fact, the most striking aspect of Sofia is that “she” inhabits a robot (or female if you want to be picky, though female variants of the word are rare and sound to most people weird) body. In all other respects, the average off-the-shelf smartphone is easily her opponent, if not better. You can install more advanced AI software for free on your average home PC.With my limited, but a bit

(Popularity: 16) What would happen if you randomly picked two video games and made a crossover?

Or two fresh ideas mixed together. So it’s not uncommon to combine features from different games, but it needs to be done in an educated way. If you play two games, any two games, Irontechdoll may end up with games that are designed to be played differently and satisfy players differently. Will the combination of Age of Empires and Angry Birds be what you think it will be?I’m pretty sure it will where to buy doll wigs horrible.The ingredients in the mixture should be different