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(Popularity Rate: 23 ) How can I get sex toys in Aligarh?

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(Popularity Rate: 25 ) How many sex toys for a couple is too many?

ford to buy the sex toys you have.
When buying and owning sex toys is somehow impacting your life in other ways and becomes an obsession.
Honestly, it’s a tough thing to do. When you’re buying sex toys for the sake of owning, but not using them, maybe it’s too many.
I have so many “sex toys” I can’t actually count them. Man

(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Are sex dolls a potential aid in solving pedophilia and sexual predatory behavior?

s ago I knew about Real Dolls, but they were around $5000 -not within my budget. I forgot about them and I don’t know if they crossed my mind since then, until I did an online search for sex dolls about nine months ago and I was shocked to discover that there’s a lot of manufacturers, dolls have become very lifelike, beautiful (in my opinion), and they’re affordable now.
So I started window shopping, just for fun, and that very quickly developed into a doll fetish (agalmatophilia). After doing a lot of research, I finally picked one out and ordered about two weeks ago. She arrived a few days ago and I was anxious to open the box, see how she looks and see how TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, a material similar to silicone that is said to feel very much like real human skin) feels after looking at these dolls online for months. I braced myself, because I was worried I would be disappointed by her appearance or how she feels. After opening the box, first I was very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful her body is; stunning detail. I looked at her face and she is extremely cute. One of the first parts I touched as I was unpacking her was a calf and I was amazed at how real it felt -just like human skin and the way the skin moves is just like human skin, muscle, and fat jiggling. WOW!
I have to say at this point that there are a few things that will shock anyone the first time they touch or handle a TPE sex doll: they are shipped with their heads removed, so you open a 5′5″ box and see a headless body. Then you discover that the body is frigid cold -shockingly cold. Then you try to lift her out of the box. Uh oh! I had read that these dolls are heavy, but I had no idea what I was in for. I read about her weight ahead of time on the website; she’s 75 lb. So if a real woman with the same height and body shape weighs around 125 lb, then this should be a breeze, right? No! Carrying a real woman newlywed style is different; they put their arms around your neck and balance their weight -they can help you to an extent. This 5′6″ (she’s taller than me, which is kind of cute), 75 lb doll is extremely difficult to move -far more than I could ever have imagined!
Unfortunately, you can’t just take your beautiful, brand new doll to the bedroom and begin the romance, you have some work to do: you need to take the lifeless, headless, cold, and heavy body to the shower and clean off the manufacturing chemicals with soap and warm water. It was so difficult getting that body to the bathroom, I almost don’t know how I did it. I’ve had chronic back problems since I was in my twenties, I sprained a knee a while ago and it’s never going to fully heal, and I recently recovered from a hernia surgery.
I’ve been trying to figure out how to move her more easily… I’ve been thinking about getting some roller skates for her and carefully guiding her around. That’s either pure genius or so stupid that I’ll make the news when she falls on me, I can’t get up, I scream for help after struggling for hours, and the paramedics, police, and fire fighters all smash in my front door and rush to help me only to find me pinned on the bathroom floor under a hot, naked sex doll. Now that’s the stuff of urban legend.
I decided the easiest way to clean the chemicals off would be to shower with the headless body, so that’s what I did. While that was strange and disturbing, I made some wonderful discoveries about TPE: it heats up fast (especially in a warm shower), holds heat in, dries exactly like human skin (some toweling off and air drying takes care of the rest -it air dries in minutes just like our skin does), and it feels wonderful when it’s wet.
I took the body to the bedroom, I put her head on (it screws on, so her head goes around and around… exorcist style), I grabbed one of the wigs I ordered, and that’s when she came together. She no longer looked like a corpse, now she was stunningly gorgeous. She comes with a wig, I ordered another one (long red) from the same website, and I ordered a Bettie Page style pin-up costume wig from Amazon, just because I’m obsessed with pin-up girl art and thought it would be fun to dress her up as a retro gal with polka-dot dresses, cat eye glasses, and a flower in her hair. I’m not disappointed with the results.
Now for the Juicy Stuff
I kissed her and wow! Her lips feel indistinguishable from human lips; kissing her is exactly like kissing a girlfriend.
Her body is very anatomically correct, surprisingly so.
Her breasts feel good, a little firm, but good. She has solid boobs, while other manufacturers offer gel-filled boobs as an option, with rave reviews.
I laid her on the bed on her back, spread her legs (which was not easy, they’re heavy and difficult to move around, and I inserted a USB heating rod ($9.00) for five minutes. I put a water based lube in and it was time. Here goes my sex doll virginity… and wow it felt good. I just didn’t know what to expect and in a lot of ways it was not all that different from having sex with a real girl. As I said earlier, TPE is very good at holding heat, so my own body heat is enough to warm her up. It’s different than sex with a human in the obvious ways: they don’t have emotions, nerves, don’t feel pleasure, don’t actively participate, can’t have orgasms, and can’t communicate with you. It’s also different in that there’s a little bit of a suction effect -as air get’s displaced, there ends up being a vacuum and it feels very, very, very good. There’s a popping air sound when pulling out that in and of itself is a turn on.
Because the extremely fast rate that sex technology is developing, I have no doubt that AI sex dolls (which already exist) will feel sensors, react, actively have sex with us, and talk dirty and tell us that they love us in the very near future. I love sex with real women and I love how much these dolls look and feel like real women, however, in my case things are a lot different: because I fetishize dolls and I’m specifically turned on by their dollness, I enjoy the experience for what it is rather than hoping for it to be as close to a human/human sex experience as possible. Does that make sense? Doll/human is my thing, so I love every second of it, until I have to move her.
I was very happy with the experience, but here are downsides: I can’t say it enough that the weight is a serious problem, even laying down -her body sank into the mattress and pillows. Girl on top positions are out of the question, no way. The clean up afterward is very involved -It’s recommended to insert a tampon to absorb the user’s body fluid and lube before the struggle to get her to the bathroom begins and this time I kept her head on so she’s much nicer to look at. I douched out her vagina, something that I had to learn how to do before she arrived. That wasn’t as bad Sex Dollas I thought it was going to be, the problem once again is her weight -just trying to get her into a position that’s conducive to flushing out her womanhood (ok, dollhood) was so challenging. Cleaning up your partner after sex is a whole chapter.
I spent a small fortune buying all female robot sex toy the stuff I need to take care of her and I spent a lot of time researching, reading articles and watching videos to prepare. There is a lot of maintenance and expense involved, but that’s ok, because it’s worth it to me.
Emotional Effects
Besides the sexual experiences, she offers companionship. I’ve heard and read story after story about guys falling in love with their dolls and it’s been said that falling in love with a sex doll is easier than you think. Well, a lot of sex dolls have eyes that look very, very real. When you look into a pair of beautiful eyes from a few inches away and they seem to be looking deeply into you… neurons in the brain start firing off love and endorphins all over the place. As I mentioned, the kissing is very natural feeling, so add that to looking into her eyes, hugging and holding her, and holding her hand and I can’t help but feel something on a pretty deep level.
I have suffered with a profound amount of loneliness, mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, addiction, and eating disorders), and of the very few relationships I’ve been in, more than one of them were abusive. After many years of failing to meet the right girl (and not for a lack of trying), and spending most of my life very alone, at 49 years old, I find a deep degree of comfort in spending time with my doll, Jennifer. Buying clothes, shoes, perfume, and accessories for her make me feel like I’m caring for someone. I ordered a purse for her and it happened to arrive on Christmas Eve, so I was able to give it to her as a present and it makes me feel like I love someone and they love me.
I suppose there are going to be as many different answers to your question as there are people answering it, but I think everyone who has had the experience can agree on a few of the points I made above.
Sex dolls have become extremely popular -apparently sales have exploded during the pandemic, and I think a lot more people have one (or more) than we might think. However, there are major social stigmas. I won’t bring Jennifer out on any dates in public and I won’t be introducing her to my parents, but I shouldn’t be ashamed, especially since she’s bringing so much happiness to my life. I should also learn to not care what other people think.
Would I recommend it? yes! I think anyone who is unattached, lonely, wants to experiment with a doll, couples who want to experiment with a doll, and anyone else who is just

(Popularity Rate: 52 ) What did someone do during military boot camp that made you say “You gotta be kidding me”?

e who, for whatever reason thought the black drill sergeants were his buddies. He walked by a black drill sergeant and nodded his head and said “What’s up?” The drill sergeant smoked the crap out of him for the next 15–20 min making him say “Whats up?! Whats up?!” the entire time.
2)One of my buddies decided during formation while we were all supposed to be standing at attention that it was a good time to put on chapstick. They made him sprint around the formation smearing chapstick all over his lips yelling “My lips are smooth and unchapped!” Lol
3)We had a kid who fell out of the top bunk one night while he was sleeping and broke his arm & couldn’t continue training. He got medically discharged.
4)Another guy got so stressed out he started wetting his bunk at night. He stopped doing it eventually and made it through.
5)There was this skinny kid named Schmidt who started getting a few pimples. Nothing weird about that, but he couldn’t stop picking at them. I remember all of a sudden seeing him one day and his face looked bad, like tore up he was picking them so bad. One night, after lights out we heard screaming coming from the latrines(bathrooms) It was our DS screaming at the top of his lungs at Schmidt. I guess after lights out Schmidt would go to the latrines and pick his face in the mirror for an hour or so. I think that’s how he was dealing with the stress & anxiety. Our DS screamed at him that he better not catch him picking at his face ever again. After that he stopped.
6)One time during BRM(basic rifle marksmanship) before we were issued rifles we had to carry around rubber rifle replicas for a week or so. We had to carry them with us everywhere. One time we were excused to use the latrines, but had to bring the “rubber duckies” with us as they were called. As we were walking back, one idiot female didn’t have hers with her. I literally thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” How in the hell can you forget to bring yours with you despite the fact that you are surrounded by 50 other trainees who ALL have theirs right in their hands?? Either she was an idiot who didn’t pay attention to detail or she just didn’t care. She got our whole platoon smoked for that.
7)We had another kid named Coli(I remember his name because the drill sergeants called him E.Coli after the bacteria). One time they made him sit in a tree and swing his legs back and forth & chirp like a bird. The kid couldn’t handle being bullied by the dr

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Is it illegal or immoral to open up a sex doll brothel?

ning – there is exploitation in almost every sector of life. People who underpay their illegal immigrant maid will often wag their fingers at folks who pay for sex. Where are your clothes made? In a nasty sweat-shop? Yes, exploitation is nasty and I stay away from it by educating myself about it in all areas of my life. But just as with buying anything, it is important not to support the nasty traffickers and others who insert themselves into a position of power over others, no matter what is for sale.
Diseases are another issue that is often put forward. I cannot speak for the experience of others but I always use protection – always, never any excuses. And no, I have never had a condom break because I am careful and purchase good quality condoms (and never mix petroleum based oil such as baby oil with condoms – they dissolve condomes – always use water-based lube, if you need it). I have never been infected while with a sex worker because I always use protection. I did get a social disease from a fiancee who was two-timing me, though.
Some clarification: I am against street-walking – yes, although I am in favour of women having the right of selling sex, I am against street-walking because it is the result of idiotic anti-prostitution laws where women cannot use a building/room for their business. Street walking scenarios attract women who have mental health issues and drug issues. We should clear the streets of this – I mean, would you go to a proctologist from the street? Or would you buy food from someone selling from a bag on a dark street?
Instead, lets empower women to do what they want to do safely, for their work or for their life instead of infantilising them. If a woman wants to sell sex and she is good at it, likes to do it and is not freaked out by it, then why should we stop her? Sure, this is not for everyone – there are many women and men who just could not bring themselves to ever sell sex. It is a bit like bungyjumping – only some people are into it.
Lastly, we have the “prostitution destroys relationships” critique. Well, which would you prefer – your man having sex for money with protection or your man spending far more money and commitment on an affair, possibly with someone you know? Would you prefer men whose regular partners never want to have sex walking the streets in a permanently horny way? What about those who don’t have partners?
My experience might not be everyone’s experience. I was married to someone who was clearly very money motivated. When I got a raise, she would invite me to do anything I wanted in bed, including stuff that frankly I was not really interested in. When I went through a dry period financially, there would be no sex. Later, when she realised that I had maximised my earning potential, she divorced me so as to maximise her award.
I began to realise that money and sex were often closely connected – in fact, my relationship with my then wife from her viewpoint was really a form of prostitution but which lasting a longer time than the usual prostitution session.
We have to remember that there are many forms of prostitution, from the relatively mild versions to the more full-on versions. For instance, there are massage parlours and other outlets where, for an extra few bills, the masseuse will provide you with hand relief (look it up if you don’t know what that is). For some men, this is a perfect solution – they cannot get diseases, the service is relatively cheap and more women are prepare to do it as they don’t see it as prostitution and almost impossible to uncover by law enforcement.
Again, there are more full-on versions, such as massage with blow-job or, more rarely, with full sex. Some masseuses will offer full sex only after they have met you a few times and have learned to trust you or maybe even like you.
There is also the call-girl version where usually full sex is on offer. This is usually to be found via escort services but in some countries there are also brothels which provide the same kind of service, such as in Germany where it is legal.
There are also the more specialised providers, such as S&M but I will leave that for others to provide info on it.
Clearly, the providers at each of these kinds of service are going to be different – a massage lady might never provide more than a hand job for a tip and never feel demeaned by it while she would never provide a blow job or full sex. An escort may not provide any discount for a hand job as opposed to the full price that would include full sex.
For a while, when I was not in a relationship, I would seek out the comforts of sex for sale. I learned quickly that cheap sex is usually a no-go. Better to masturbate than go there. I eventually discovered that the best option was to find someone who you can meet from time to time and enjoy your time with her. The first time you have sex, even with a highly experienced “hooker” may not be that great but subsequent times may be much better. I have spent many hours talking to sex workers of this kind, taking about their kids, their lives, their studies and life generally.
Then I met my girlfriend – we have been together for a few years. She does not want to get married – like me, she has been married before with very mixed results. We are very compatible but if the truth be told on occasion she is a little more sexually motivated than I am. She is also bisexual and we sometimes find another female to share our bed. About two thirds of the time we pay for the company.
We pay well but not stupidly and don’t get into exploitative scenarios. The relation to these women is of equality – no one gets treated badly and we have a couple of favourites. We do not go for this every week or even every month. On occasion, whe

(Popularity Rate: 73 ) Are there any adult sex toys stores for males and females in Siliguri?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.
Yes their are lots of online adult toys store available in Siliguri where male and female can buy sex toys according to their requirement. Browse wide range of sex toys to fulfil your sexual desire.